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My most devastating moment.

You know what "devastating moment" means right??
You must have felt it once in your life. You feel angry, sad, mad, and confused at the same time. You don't know what to do, what to say and what to react to the situation. 
I've felt it once. It was when I was in the 4th grade.

My family and I were going to our family graves in Purwerejo, Middle Java. It was already 3 p.m. when we got there, the sky looked blue with a little bit of orange color. We went there with my cousins. My parents and my sister bought two baskets of flower, rose and jasmine, and went straight to the graveyard. I and my cousins followed them, but the road was so damaged and it's so hard to walk on it so we have to run to catch my parents with our little feet. 

When we get there, we went straight to my grandparents grave and pray for them. There are so many tall grasses with insects in them. My cousins persuaded me to follow him catching some insects, and I was foolishly agreed with him. I followe…
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Conversation with a stranger.

At 8.00 AM in an airplane waiting for the takeoff.
A: Hey is this seat number E3?? B: Hmmm, yes it is. So you're sitting next to me? A: Well yes. This is my first flight alone without my parents.  B: Why don't you go with your parents? A: They wait for me at Japan, our destination. B: Me too. Let's get along with each other. By the way my name is Karima. A: I'm Kaila. You look the same age as me, how old are you? B. I'm fifteen years old. And you??
A: I'm fifteen too. B: Where do live in Japan? A: No no. I'm from Bandung, Indonesia. I go to Japan for a vacation.  B: Ooooo. Why you don't go with your parents? You can go together with them if it just for a vacation. A: Actually I can go with them but I have to take the final school exam in Bandung. So they go first to Japan. B: Poor you but because of that you can meet me in this plane accidentally. A: Yes I'm happy for that. B: In my case. I'm going to move from Manila to Osaka. I'm going to …

Learning in 3

Hello again Friends!!!

Okay.. you know that I'm from SMAN 3 in Badung right???
Learning in here is very very fun. We have so many unique teachers and staffs.
Especially the math teacher.
He is really really unique. From his style of teaching to all of his questions.
The first thing he would do when he enter the class is warming the students up by reviewing what we learned last week. And then he'll make the first question that the answer will have a number of 3 or 5 (the number of solidarity).
He makes some question that nobody in this world that ever make. I don't know how to describe but i think he is a genius in making maths question.

For all people who really likes to learn in such a unique way, I suggest you to go to SMAN 3.
Test your limit and break it so you can move forward. Like our motto "Knowledge is Power but Character is More", even though you are really smart without good character, you're nothing and no one will respect you.

So this is it friend…

All About Me

Hello!!My name is Putri Karima Bestari. You can call me Karima.  I was born in Bandung, Indonesia, 16 April 2002. I am a High School student in 3 National High School in Bandung. My Hobby is listening and playing to music. I like red color. My favorite food is Sushi. I really like Asian cuisine. They make their food with so many rich flavors. Now I live in Bandung with my parents and my elder sister.
I really like music especially classic music. I play violin since i was in the first grade. But it was just for therapy because i had some kind of disorder when i was little, but now I'm fine and well. One of my dream is to be a fine violinist. 
My father and My mother are a geologist. They are so clever and really really good in their studies. I really want to be like them, to follow their footsteps and surpass them. I want to study in ITB (Institute Technology Bandung). ITB is the most popular and the best University in Bandung. And I want to get scholarship to New Zealand or Japan becaus…